8 ways the hot burning calories on a bed

Kiss: 68 calories / hour 

Not only is a great way for couples to show affection, kissing also help you burn excess fat in the body. "If enough passionate kiss, it can burn up to 90 calories in 1 hour", Jaiya Kinzbach, a sexologist in Los Angeles (USA), said. Experts recommend that if you want to lose weight, to couples to Jav School kiss my best. "Kiss in the unusual position. Try to pose as opponents push on people, while lower down, please give him / her a kiss, repeatedly. Push can burn calories for 30 minutes 171, "she Jaiya Kinzbach advised. 

Shed her clothes: On 8 calories

Perhaps you would not expect that to take off her clothes to wear can help burn more calories. However, the Italian researchers demonstrated that this sexy action can burn about 8-10 calories. Even more compelling, the researchers also showed that if a man tried to take off her bra in the mouth can burn up to 80 calories. 

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According to experts Kinzbach, want to burn more calories, do not just shed her clothes for a few seconds, but instead, be "removed slowly so that it becomes a part of foreplay, you will have an exercise great with". Dr. Gilda Carle longer follow, a psychologist, you can turn actions into pretexts to provoke him. "Finding a silk scarf and performed a sexy dance with it," she advised. 
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Massage: 80 calories / hour

Who does not like to be your partner massage after a stressful working hours. However, if you are a massage, you will have other benefits besides better make someone you love happy: Burn calories. When focused massage, your heart rate will be faster, burn more calories in the body. Experts said quick massage is not the best way of burning calories. 

It is important to make a slow, hit deep into the opponent will make it feel more and forced many more activities. Experts also recommend that couples should make available shopping massage table in the house and noted vertical to massage will burn more calories than sitting. 

Sex: Over 144 calories / 30 minutes

Maybe you know that sex is also the workouts can but rarely anyone that just half an hour "love" can burn off a bar of chocolate you ate. The key to consuming more calories when having sex is to the body heats up and more durable. You can also add a little moaning and whispering, which can burn more calories 18-30. Also, try to posture to "workout" more effectively.


Especially for women, the proactive posture on enables you to move the hips, buttocks, thighs, fat burning is quite effective. Calories you can burn with this position is 207 calories in just 30 minutes. However, perhaps the best way to maximize calorie burn on the bed trying to "top". Experts estimate the female orgasm during sex burns more calories than the "top" unsuccessful. 

"Oral sex": 100 calories / 30 minutes 

Scientists believe perform oral stimulation can burn calories and burn extra 71 calories more 35 if combined with some yoga postures. 

"Take a selfie": 100 calories / 30 minutes 

according to experts Kinzbach, makes himself "happy" can burn 50 calories per hour is. 

Romantic Dance: 103 calories / 30 minutes

Dancing in the bedroom may be the exercise for you and your spouse. "Many studies prove that even after an exercise earobic, women become sexy and easy steamy than" Dr. Barbara Bartlik - psychiatrist, a therapist sexologist in New York - for know. Experts recommend that couples should add dancing slowly. If you feel bored, occasionally speeding, breaking a few hops or kissing to inspire. 

Stroking: 238 calories / 30 minutes

According to scientists, the affectionate gesture, stroked in the bedroom can burn up to 238/30 minutes due to a significant increase in heart rate. "These actions will pave the way for heavy breathing, is a quick way to burn large amounts of calories," Dr. Carle said. If you want to maximize your workout to burn calories, make gestures, hot, sweeter. Also, rolling on the bed, bedroom innovation approach can cause "workout" more wonderful.

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