9 the cause that anal hardcore can cause sudden death when "fellatio"

Too tired

Sitting in the car, boat or back tired, tired for a long time, if immediately "love", will make the cardiovascular system pressure, cause sudden death. Therefore, husband and wife were separated days, encountered relax, eliminate fatigue of the body.

One of the main reasons is the poisoning, especially carbon monoxide (shrinkage) from the surrounding environment, especially the emission vehicles. For this reason, we suggest that the activity should be in the car, in mechanical equipment, especially when the car in the launch.

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In the United States, recently discovered a couple, agustino NOHA was dead in the reporter's stay naked in the car or the car, the car produced by the principal is liquid.
The desire is too high
A man's sexual desire is too high (high libido) can be their own suffering, not only to their friends, nor avoid climate catastrophe. A man's name is Garner, robart Ashitey, was recently fined 30 years in prison for murder because of illness "hunger", working too hard, let love die in bed on.

"Love" in the drink
Some people often taste wine, because of the increased stimulation of the desire, but it is only on the surface of wine. Strong stimulation of alcohol, cardiovascular system, the vascular spasm, accelerate the blood flow, blood pressure, cause heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage, caused by a sudden death.
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9 may cause sudden death. When the "1 love"
Examples of image
The gap from the above 13 years old
The age difference between men and women is a sudden death in the world. Japanese experts after the research discovery, may be sudden death. When "love" is more prone to double poor from 13 years old.

The practice of the place is very dangerous
For some reason, these people I do not control sensitive, in an unsafe position. For example, the roof in the elevator, in the car,... The results, when the "climax" into the case of a disaster, like a pair of lovers in the United States, South Caroline was found dead on the road in the state of stay naked clothes on the roof to a height of 50 feet.
Abuse aphrodisiac
Some people think that to enhance the ability to use "love" to aphrodisiac, irritant drugs. Here, you can let the impulse of desire too much, love is strong, powerful, "love" action, causing sudden death.

In order to prevent sudden death. When the "love", the best in life should not be so careless, harmonious combination, to a proper extent, according to their age, according to physical health. In addition, when the "love" should not stand up immediately, the best lie in bed.


In disease
When a man is sick, if you insist on love will hurt your partner. Because of illness, regulating the physiological function of organs in the normal state, especially for those with hypertension, coronary heart, sexual intercourse may affect the central nervous system, elevated blood pressure, caused by vasospasm, prone to myocardial infarction or cerebral hemorrhage.

"Love" to be nervous or emotionally unstable, easily lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, affects their health.

Drink a beer
If you use a small amount of alcohol can enhance sexual desire, but the abuse of too much, too much may lead to catastrophic interference, because it can make the heart beat, affecting blood circulation, especially in the effort.

In addition to their own beer also caused other disasters, especially in the control of transportation. For example, a pair of lovers in Namibia is drunk driving in the car do not have sex. The results of my car

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