High-intensity exercise in times ebony milf like this will make you more susceptible to heart attack

Intense exercise can be the solution to help you get back the mood following the release of the stress or discomfort. However, too much exercise during the angry or have bad mood can increase the risk of heart attack.

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Research suggests both high intensity training elements and bad moods are related to the heart, this increased risk in those who meet this condition both at the same time.


This is true whether the participants are smoking or not, only the number of the body, how blood pressure condition, or are taking drugs like aspirin's heart-related, statins or beta blockers do not ...

Share on RealSimple magazine, Dr. Smyth said: "we did not find any significant differences between those with and without these risk factors. The significant difference between the age groups-under 45, the age of 65 years on, 45-65, or gender was not found ".

The researchers also analyzed the sensitivity, compared to the main research participants with a team not having a heart. Dr. Smyth said: The emotional and physical stimulation extremism seems to have the same effect on the body. Both of which can increase blood pressure and heart rate, blood flow changes flow through the blood vessels and reduces blood supply to the heart. This is especially important because blood vessels were shrinking due to plaque, which can lead to blockage of the blood flow leading to heart attacks.
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High-intensity exercise in the time like this will make you more prone to heart-Photo 3.
Heavy exercise heart risk twice.

In General, of course, exercise is good for the heart and high-intensity exercise has benefits that cannot be matched with lightweight fitness activities alone.

However, Dr. Smyth does not negate the effect of the exercise. He said that, exercise is good for the heart, study says not to obstruct the hard training that he only provided a few words recommended. According to him, including healthy people, have no history of heart disease should also avoid exercising at high intensity, while the mood is not good.


"Previous studies have discovered the cause of heart; However, the study of which only few people involved or just made in that country. This is the first study represent many areas of the world, including most of the major ethnic group in the world, "Dr. Andrew Smyth, a research doctor at the McMaster University in Canada and the HRB clinical research agency in Ireland said.

The study, published in the journal Circulation, analyzed data from more than 12,000 people survived after having a heart attack, the average age is 58, on 52 countries. After the heart attack, the participants proposed answering a questionnaire asking them have heavy exercise or not, there are angry or frustrated about something before the appearance of symptoms of heart attack do not. They are also asked in the same hour on the day before the heart attack.

When comparing the response on having a heart and the previous day's participants, the researchers found that exercise too much heart risk twice. This is also true when they are angry or upset feelings. The danger is even greater if a person is experiencing both innovative elements to activate this potential-angry or upset while excessive exercise will increase the risk of heart attack up 3 times compared to the healthy person doesn't meet 2 elements on.

High-intensity exercise in the time like this will make you more prone to heart-Photo 4.
Even healthy people, have no history of heart disease should also avoid exercising at high intensity, while the mood is not good.

Barry j. Jacobs, PsyD, Director of the behavioral sciences program at the Crozer-Keystone family residence (Crozer-Keystone Family Medicine Residency Program) in Springfield, Pennsylvania, said in a press release from the American Heart Association: "Too angry could cause a life-threatening heart attack. We all should practice the spirit and avoid to lose his calm ".

Jacobs agreed that people-especially those who have cardiovascular risk higher than usual-so try your best to avoid strong impact situations to feelings. He said: "seek the support of your friends, talk with others experiencing similar situations is very helpful in managing your own emotions better."

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