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Doctor, I am 24 years old, married for 5 months. Do you have gynecological diseases before marriage, comprehensive examination results are normal. But do not know when you get married, every time I see these sex notes of white papules baille, a little itch, pain... In the closed area..". I taboo porn don't know that it is dangerous, but it makes me very trust, and the relationship between the "husband.

I am very worried, do not know they have it, pregnant after what effect? I hope the doctor can help me thank you for advice!

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By your description, you can see is acne (acne R P reproduction). Genital wart is a common gynecological disease. The cause of acne R P state usually by friction vagina, closed areas against hair growth or sweat congestion... Especially having unsafe sex. However, without proper treatment, timely and thorough, it may lead to dangerous complications, is one of the fallopian tubes, and female reproductive function.
When a disease, genital symptoms often appear around, burning, heat, small traces of water, bunched scarred, broken and healed after 1, 2 weeks of ulcer pain when urine disease may have a fever, headache, floating in the B N nuts......
Now, you see the hard sound that can also be a cause of acne is usually not clean, tight underwear. So you should go to the doctor for skin specialist examination, examination and treatment, at this time has Never mind, clean, put on your enclosed area is always very cheerful so dry.
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To avoid a long time acne (picture)
R P acne can occur in all ages, but most of the patients aged 18 to 30 years of age, because there is a high demand to bring unsafe sex. I worry that many young people are the disease often feel shame, self-esteem so I do not go to hospital for treatment, the disease is even worse, the possibility of wound healing and recurrence is very high.
The best sex use condoms for contraception, avoid infections D C.V, you love you should not use these notes to create acne, easy because of severe infection, or may cause infection.


In addition, you wear clean underwear materials, give priority to absorb sweat, should not wear too tight.

The daily health does not pay attention to the correct day in health before and after menstruation and a clean way.

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